EMMEQUATTRO your partner for future!

EMMEQUATTRO designs and manufactures drive axles and gerboxes since 1977. 
The production’s process starts with the design of products and its components . We have a  bench test that, simulating extremely hard usage conditions, allows us to test the conformity and durability of our products before the sale.
Each component is machined in our factory, using an efficient and modern fleet of machines that counts on vertical lathes with authomatic workpiece changeover, gear shaper machines and machining centers.
Since 1997, we are certified by a third-party autonomous, independent Agency. 

Each component is manufactured with care and checked, thanks to a 3D- control machines. Every production’s phase is supervised by a modern ERP system that allows to work efficiently in accordance with the planned delivery times. We offer an after-sales service, assuring availability of spare parts and ensuring a constant technical support, to help Customers to improve their vehichles performances.

Quality Certification

Our first goal is to be able to propose quality products to our customers, namely, a technology modern, operational, solid, cheap and eco-friendly differential axle, speed drop box or gear box, without faults, which meets customer specific requirements.

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