Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction

Our first goal is to be able to propose quality products to our customers, namely ,a technology modern, operational ,solid, cheap  and eco-friendly  differential axle, speed drop box or gear box , without faults ,which meets  customer specific  requirements . Quality, understood as lack of faults, involves need to make every operator aware both in designing stage and in specific realisation and parts assembling.  Every operator has been training to assess his work critically. To be part of this organisation he has to ensure maximum attention in carrying out his work.

We regularly arrange training courses to ensure the respect of production procedures.

Technology supports individual work ,we control the production process both working on board the machine and by using up-to-date three-dimensional monitoring instruments, we test grip and noisiness  of our products before customer supply by specifically  using  sound-proof control booth designed for our products.

To meet every specific customer requirements who demands for environment friendly, silent, low- power consumption   long lasting, optional equipped for safety controls, differential axles.

For this reason, we designed differential axles suitable for electric vehicles and incorporated with electronic systems services control.

Since 1997, we are certified by a third-party independent Agency, which ensures the application of ISO 9001:2015 standard through an inner management system optimisation. Organisations, which carry out a Management Quality System, ensure a greater guidance of all functions through result and a bigger attention towards inner and outer customer. Emmequattro Srl offers its customer an additional quality guarantee of offered products, made up by ISO 9001 certificate issued for following activity fields:

Designing, manufacturing and selling of differential axles, gearboxes and speed drop boxes.