New Integred System M4M-350C

We’ve finally completed our tests on the first samples and we are now able to offer to all interested Customers our new model of drive axle Serie  M4M-350C with integrated gearbox 2 speeds, assembled with an hydraulic system driven by an electronic controller. This new system  can manage the change of speeds, the parking brake, the motion of the machine and the steering of both front and rear axle. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Harvesters‘ manufacturers. In fact, as well as simplifying the management of the gear shifting, it makes the vehicle safer as it prevents the machine from moving when the gearbox is in neutral position, activating the negative parking calliper brake and also allows the steering management of both the front and rear axle through sensors applied to the steering pins
Our new system consists of our axles with integrated Gerbox, two-speeds the slower i= 1:31,21 and the faster i= 1:7,71 o 12,16,  designed to house sensors and sensor cables, supplied together with a kit made by sensor cables, connectors and control unit, as well as pumps and hydraulic valves.

Dont hexitate to contact us for further details!