Electric parallel transaxles

The parallel axis range is particularly suitable for the production of compact electric vehicles; it is the first response to the needs of a society that is looking towards the future: the reduction of harmful emissions, energy conservation, use of eco-friendly and recyclable products. The range currently includes 5 axle models (M4M-A07, M4M-A08, M4M-A09, M4M-A11, M4M-A12), suitable for 400w to 25kw. Company policy is constantly driven by customer satisfaction. A number of different configurations are available for each model making the product versatile and adaptable to any application. Particular attention was paid to sizing criteria of each component to ensure high levels of reliability and safety, even when used in harsh conditions. The efficiencies of the axles reach 90%, with noise emissions below the limits for indoor and/or night-time operations.



Capacity 3000 Kg
Wheel Torque 3200 Nm


Capacity 3200 Kg
Wheel Torque 4000 Nm