Parallel axis Transaxle for Electric Vehicles

With its 3 speed helical tooth ground gears, this transaxle is the parallel axis electric transaxle parent. It’s a quite flexible transaxle wich presents interesting customisation possibilities.

Technical DataDownload
Capacity 3000 Kg
Wheel Torque 4000 Nm
Ratio 1:23,67
Type Parallel Axis
Input max rpm 4000 rpm
Track 1130 mm
Service Brake Drum 250 x 40
Service Brake Torque 3000 Nm
Parking Brake n/a
Parking Brake Torque n/a
Wheel Interface 160 x 205 x 6 x M18 x 1,5
Motor Flange D 148,35 h7
Motor Input D.p. 24/48″
Speed Sensor n/a