Fast axles

The hypoid bevel gear, more silent and able to transmit higher torque, is the distinctive feature of the axle series M4P-450, M4P-3500, M4P-4000, also defined as “ fast vehicle transaxles”. High braking efficiency is the second feature of these axles, which were design to equip road vehicles with speed up to 120 km/h and with load range from 2 up to 4 tons. They are available in both rigid and steering versions. High-required optional are 100% differential mechanical locking system operated hydraulically or pneumatically. All configurations are available with disc brake or highly efficient self-ventilating disc brake, prearranged for the installation of an ABS control. Tracks on request.


Capacity 3000 Kg
Wheel Torque 3500 Nm


Capacity 3500 Kg
Wheel Torque 5500 Nm


Capacity 4000 Kg
Wheel Torque 7500 Nm