Transaxle with 2 speed Transfer-Gearbox

350C-IMI integrated group also knowm as MIXER-C IMI is an extremely compact transaxle. It’s been studied for agricultural machiniers working at very low speed but need also speed for transfer. This group is composed by integrated gearbox-transfer gearbox ,hydraulic actuator with for gearbox and gear position switch.

Caratteristiche tecnicheDownload
Capacity 3200 Kg
Wheel Torque 4000 Nm
Ratio 1:7,71 / 1:31,21
Type with 2 Speed Tranfer-Gearbox
Input max rpm 4000 rpm
Track 1300 mm
Service Brake Drum 250 x 50
Service Brake Torque 1400
Parking Brake Drum 250 x 50
Parking Brake Torque 950 Nm
Wheel Interface 160 x 205 x 6 x M18 x 1,5
Motor Flange SAI-M05
Motor Input 28/34″ UNI221