Parallel axis Transaxle with integrated gearbox

Monolithic parallel transaxle. Extremely solid for hydrostatic transmission vehicles with direct motor flange.Suitable for operating machines jointed in center.Grooved motor interface 31.7 diameter. Optional possibility on brakes, HD version.

Technical DataDownload
Capacity 2800 Kg
Wheel Torque 2800 Nm
Ratio 1:4,461
Type monolithic
Input max rpm 5000 rpm
Track 820 mm
Service Brake n/a
Service Brake Torque n/a
Parking Brake n/a
Parking Brake Torque n/a
Wheel Interface 57 x 100 x 4 x M14 x 1,5
Motor Flange SAE A
Motor Input 12/24″ d.p. Z14
Speed Sensor n/a