Integrated gearbox Transaxle


Rigid Transaxle with Gleason crown wheel and pinion and integrated gear unit, total ratio 1:14. Ground Helical gear and aluminium case fitted to house speed detection sensors. Solid, silent and light product studied to equip small hydraulic and electric vehicles.Motors of 3/5 kW are flanged directly on motor.

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Capacity 2000 Kg
Wheel Torque 1800 Nm
Ratio 1:19,855
Type Perpendicular Axis with Integrated Gearbox
Input max rpm 3200 rpm
Track 820 mm
Service Brake Drum 170 x 40
Service Brake Torque 1500 Nm
Parking Brake Drum 170 x 40
Parking Brake Torque 1500 Nm
Wheel Interface 105 x 140 x 5 x M14 x 1,5
Motor Flange Flange
Motor Input Elastic Joint