Transaxle with Integrated Transfer-Gearbox

Transaxle with gearbox/ transfer gearbox and integrated transmission with helical gear. Suitable for hydrostatic transmissions and 4×4 .Avaialble also with ground gear ( ratio i:1,22)for electric transmissions. It’s a very flexible transaxle which presents interesting customization possibilities.

Caratteristiche tecnicheDownload
Capacity 2500 Kg
Wheel Torque 2500 Nm
Ratio 1:22,166
Type Perpendicular Axis
Input max rpm 4500 rpm
Track 1300 mm
Service Brake Drum 250 x 50
Service Brake Torque 1400 Nm
Parking Brake 250 x 50
Parking Brake Torque 980 Nm
Wheel Interface 160 x 205 x 6 x M18 x 1,5
Motor Flange D101 x 2 x M14 x D146
Motor Input 12/24″ d.p. Z14
Speed Sensor n/a