Wheel Reduction Transaxle


Rigid transaxle with Gleason crown wheel and pinion. It’s characterized by a high ratio( i=27,93) fulfilled through a double step reduction and wheel reduction. Suitable for high torques and load capacities.

Technical DataDownload
Capacity 6000 Kg
Wheel Torque 6500 Nm
Ratio 1:27,93
Type with Transfer-Gearbox and Wheel Reduction
Input max rpm 4500 rpm
Track 880 mm
Service Brake Oil Immersed
Service Brake Torque 1300 Nm
Parking Brake Negative Multi-disk Brake
Parking Brake Torque 6400 Nm
Wheel Interface 160 x 205 x 6 x M18 x 1,5
Motor Flange SAE B
Motor Input 16/32″ d.p. Z15