Transaxle with integrated Transfer-Gearbox

Transaxle with integrated gearbox made for electric transmissions. 35.000Nm static payload, 5.5000 maximum torque at wheels. Structures studied to minimise energy loss and noise emission for high input speed motors. Helical gear with modified evolving tooth profile. It is an innovative transaxle, suitable for road sweepers, utility vehicles and ground support equipment. Could be assembled with double flange for the distribution of the torque on both axles and for permanent integral drive vehicles and also use for hydrostatic transmissions or with endothermic motors.

Technical DataDownload
Capacity 3500 Kg
Wheel Torque 5500 Nm
Ratio 1:17,227
Type with Tranfer-Gearbox
Input max rpm 5000 rpm
Track 1400 mm
Service Brake n/a
Service Brake Torque n/a
Parking Brake n/a
Parking Brake Torque n/a
Wheel Interface 160 x 205 x 6 x M18 x 1,5
Motor Flange SAE B
Motor Input 16/32″ Z15